Months after a summer trip to Sweden, I am still in astonishment of the wonder of the midnight sun. Back in the states, I have also found myself subconsciously captivated by a ceramic form both understated and majestic – the moon jar. Traditional Korean moon jars are large porcelain vessels, as wide as they are tall, and with a shape that brings to mind swollen, pregnant bellies. These two persistent bits of inspiration – the midnight sun and the moon jar – have suddenly begun to make sense together as an artistic expression. Perhaps moon jars could be made to stand in for the real celestial orb on those long Swedish summer nights?

I have been accepted to an arts residency at Konstepidemin, in Gothenburg, Sweden during in the summer of 2017. My accepted project proposal is to create 29 moon jars of varying sizes to represent a full lunar phase. Once those jars are complete, I will lend them out to 29 different individuals for a week with two requests: 1. the moon jar is placed in the same room as someone sleeps and 2. a photograph is taken of the moon jar in its domestic surroundings. The photographs would come back to Konstepidemin for a cumulative show at the end of the interchange.

This has always been primarily a project about bringing people and cultures together. The proposal outline allows for collaboration with a photographer as well as the individuals who live with jars short-term. Once the jars have been made, a major component of this project will be my working with others – it isn’t until the jars are out in the world and in other’s hands that the work will come alive.